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Raise your glass
to a reimagined
bar scene

Introducing Dry Bones,

a non-alcoholic bar pop-up

Dry doesn't have to be dull.

Introducing Dry Bones, a botanically-driven n/a cocktail pop-up experience that delights the palate without dulling the senses. We're sisters and Chicagoland natives who are passionate about making the bar scene more inclusive by hand-crafting exciting spiritfree drinks for you to enjoy when you're not drinking.

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Pop-up Events

We're popping up all over Chicagoland, starting October 2022

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N/A Cordials

From fruit-infused shrubs to spicy tinctures -- available online starting Jan 2023

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Curated Crates

Gift yourself or someone you love with a monthly mocktail box, coming 2023

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Private Parties

Interested in hosting an n/a party or spiritfree cocktail class? Hit us up!